Sanrio Fair Face Mask (Characters will vary)

Marlee Ro

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This fabric is directly from Japan! You won't find it anywhere else!



These masks are made from cotton woven fabrics and backed in coordinating cotton woven with soft, stretchy elastic ear loops. There are no pockets, filters or wire. I started making these for kids who are sensitive to wearing masks, like my son with autism. These are meant to be a comfortable and fun option for those occasions where masks are necessary. 

Available sizes:

Kids Small - fits *most* ages 3-7 

Kids Large - fits *most* ages 8-12

Adult Female

Adult Male

I also have an option to add or remove elastic if you need to customize sizing. If you have a petite child, size down on the mask. The elastic can be stretched out if you need to.


Placement will vary with each mask.

 TURNAROUND IS 2-3 weeks, although we try to get them out sooner.

Please do not leave small children unattended with masks.